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About Joe Rocha

Jim Mclean“Joe was trained and certified in the Jim Mclean System at PGA West, La Quinta California. This Comprehensive training places Joe above 95% of all other teachers. He knows how to teach golf to every level. Using a systemic approach, Joe will bring your golf up a notch. He is a wonderful person who cares about the performance of each student.”
Jim McLean – 1994 PGA National Teacher of the Year

Philosophy & Teaching Techniques

My philosophy of teaching golf is based on encouraging golfers to develop a routine that they can take to the golf course in order to promote consistency from shot to shot and from day to day. Each golfer’s routine will vary slightly depending on subtle tendencies however all routines should be based on sound fundamentals.

Beyond that it is up to the student and teacher to build a golf game that blends power, precision and finesse.  I encourage students to consider taking playing lessons in order to address all aspects of a player’s game.

There are multiple avenues toward improvement that lie in the areas of technology, fitness, nutrition and equipment to name a few. My goal is to continue to build on my knowledge to provide you with the highest quality lesson experience possible so that you can enjoy the game and play your best, for a lifetime.