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The Kettle Bell Golf Swing

The golf swing is about transferring energy from the ground through the body and out to the club head so that at the moment of impact the club head is traveling at peak speed.

We do this by developing a solid foot to ground connection, multiply the speed with the action of the hips, transfer the speed through the core and finally out to the arms, club shaft and ultimately the club head. The point here is that speed is transferred from the larger segments of the body (legs and hips) to the smaller segments of the body (arms and hands) similar to cracking a whip.

A common mistake that golfers make is the tendency to overuse the arms, wrists and hands in order to make contact with the ball. This is tempting because the handle is connected to the club head through the rigid shaft so that we are able to influence the club head directly through hand action.

While a way to move the club, it is far from optimal. Instead, we need to look at the golf swing as motion that generates power from the ground and transfer that power out to the club head while not interrupting the flow of energy.

That’s where the kettle bell swing comes into play. Connecting the towel to the kettle bell creates a situation where we are disconnected from direct influence of the bell. So the only way to swing the kettle bell is to drive energy from the ground, translate that energy through the body and finally out to the arms as the kettle bell responds by swinging. Hence the parallel to the golf swing. A word of caution is to first meet with a certified personal trainer if you would like to try the kettle bell swing. My intention of the video is to demonstrate how a true golf swing works.

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