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Club Fitting

Now Fitting Titleist at Golf Country with Trackman!!!

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Club Fitting: Properly fit clubs can maximize a golfers potential by matching equipment to a golfer’s individual swing characteristics. The main idea is that we want the golf club to fit the individual as opposed to the golfer making compensations to fit the club. As a certified club fitter and Tech Rep for Titleist I can provide guidance toward making sound decisions when it comes to choosing which golf clubs to put in your bag.

Re-gripping: Your only connection the golf club, grips are an important equipment consideration. To maintain your grips wash with soap and water occasionally to restore tack and feel. Eventually your grips will get worn to the point that re gripping your clubs will become your best option. New grips will make your clubs feel like new again and inspire confidence.

Just like golf clubs, a properly fit grip is important. Too large or too small a grip can have adverse effects on your golf swing. Visit the golf shop at Golf Country, Middleton to get sized and choose the grip best for you.