Peter D. – August 2, 2010

“After lots of trial and even more error, I finally decided to take a lesson with Joe. Joe is an extremely patient, and personable person, and quickly established what my tendencies were; and we worked various drills to correct these. Joe is a “visual” teacher in the sense that he will show you what you are doing…. He also uses a video camera and is able to explain if you are out of plane, etc. (now) I am hitting …. nice straight drives 240-250 yards. I am consistently dropping short iron shots 5-20 feet from my intended target. I highly recommend Joe for fixing your golf swing!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Lenny B. – July, 2012

“I first met Joe when I played golf at Ferncroft and he was still in high school. Many years passed and I was unable to play because of an injury. By coincidence I ran into Joe and told him how hard it was coming back after a decade without golf. In a month Joe had me understanding and executing shots better than when I played 5 days a week. Beside actually caring about you – and me getting results – he’s really a player too. Joe is as close to the guys on TV as I think you’re going to get. Plus he’s local too!!”
Top qualities: Fantastic person, compassion, articulating instruction in a way you can understand


Michael G.

“Simple easy to understand lessons with the right amount of information for me to absorb and got immediate improvement he is also a super guy…”


Tony M. – July, 2012

“I found working with Joe really has helped my game. At the range I would always get into a groove where I was satsified with the way I was hitting the ball. However, having the same results on the course was another matter. Joe took some video and showed me where I had been going wrong. Since that time I have been working on that fault and have seen consistent improvement.”
Top qualities: Easy to work with, communicates well


John B. – Sepetember, 2012

“I’ve had a few lessons off and on over the past 30+ years. Inevitably, I would leave a lesson adding more swing thoughts to a list that was already too long….. with little improvement to my over all game. Things changed with my lessons with Joe. Instead of having me hit a lot of golf balls, then having me tweak this and tweak that, creating more swing thoughts, he had me hit only a few golf balls, took video without me knowing, then showed me what was happening with MY swing. Some good, some not so good. Instead of trying to fix a bunch of little things, he focused on only one. What really worked for me was that Joe took a lot of time to explain, in language that I understood what was happening with MY swing when I did it wrong and why things improved when I did it right. When I did it right it fixed a lot of little things. I left with ONE swing thought. When I went to the range and on the course I was surprised to see that instead of more swing thoughts I had less. And, yes, I hit the ball better. A lot better.”